Sourcing agent

How We Work

  •  As per the buyer’s requirement, first our team will make a list of genuine suppliers or manufacturers who are able to provide a particular product at a cost-effective rate and with the best quality.
  • Now from the list, our team will contact each one and select the relevant suppliers and visit their landmarks.
  • The final quotation will be taken out by our team with selected suppliers within 5 working days.
  • If required, a sample quality check will be done.
  • We finish the deal once all confirmation from the buyer’s side is received.
  • Smoothly, the deal closes!
  • We find a manufacturer or supplier as per the buyer’s requirements.
  • We negotiate and fix a deal in a suitable price range.
  • We arrange transportation and handle full consignments.
  •  If buyers have any product to sell, we do market research and import our clients products.
  •  We can source products from multiple suppliers.


You will get totally transparent and satisfied work.

Sourcing multiple products from different states

Personal watch on shipment since day 1 of manufacturing.

Negotiate on your behalf with the shipment line, logistics, and transportation.

We ensure the quality of our products and services.

We will negotiate with banks on your behalf.